My name is Laura Klamburg, I am a graphic designer and Illustrator. I was born in Barcelona where I studied and graduated in graphic design at Eina School of Art and Design.

I belong to the privileged generation that had great professionals as teachers and started working without computers. Hard to imagine now! When I finished my studies, I went to New York to explore the professional world. I fell in love with the city and the American working method. I ended up staying in North America for 11 years, between New York, Los Angeles and Toronto.

I love the States and Canada and met wonderful people everywhere I went. I worked as a graphic designer and art director, in corporate design studios and publishing companies. I also worked as a freelance designer. I ended up specializing in editorial design.
After 11 years away from my hometown, I decided to go back to Barcelona to connect with family, friends, city and culture.

I added teaching and illustration to my curriculum. I’ve been teaching graphic design at university level for more than 12 years now, in graduate and posgraduated courses. I also teach illustration in workshops and specialize in children’s illustration, having done a few books of my own. I love what I do, and keep learning and exploring every day... Life's fun!